Hyper Police Characters

Hyper Police Main Characters

These are the four main characters. I'll have more once I get some pictures scanned. : ) I have had complaints about the picture text being hard to read. I'll re-enter the provided text.

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Natsuki Sakura Batanen Tommy Others


Natsuki Sasahara

Voice Actor = Miyamura Yuko

Age = 17

Height = 162 cm (5'3" for those of us who refuse metric ^_^ )

Weight = ? (She won't tell)

Sizes = 90 - 60 - 90 (35 -24- 35) ((Dang, Anime physics))

Birthplace = Tokyo (presumably at current residence)

Current Residence = Shakujii Park Neighborhood, Nenma Ward, Tokyo.

Ability/skill = hand to hand combat (edged weapons)

Natsuki is a nekomata half blood, her father being human and her mother being a full nekomata (a two tailed cat monster). At the time setting of the show, both her parents are dead, having left Natsuki an orphan at a young age, leaving her in the hands of Bob (see below). Both parents do appear in the series and the manga during a weird "What ever you wish for, comes true" type story. Normally, Natsuki only has one tail (unlike her mother) but it does split in two when she is really angry (Thus increaseing/signaling the increase of power). She is usally naive and overly generous, but can display a large amount of possesiveness when it comes to her coleagues and her work, which she considers her territory (Note: strangely, this doesn't include her home, which she often invites strangers to live with her, or at least Sakura). This may spring from her home being leveled several times during the series/ manga. She shares the house with several dozen cats and Sakura (for a while). She eats "Neko-kan" (a popular cat food brand) as well as normal foods. Being young, she is still innocent about many things, especially sex. Also, Natsuki acts more like a cat than a human most of the time. She is easily distracted (Moving things, catnip, ect.), except when she is working (usually). Natsuki subdues criminals with her knives. She loves knives and swords. She also uses a electric attack (Basically she calss a lightning bolt from the sky). To use her electric attack, she uses the help of her Symbiotes. Normally they look like small white gummibears and live in her hair/clothes (Okay so they just kind of appear when she needs them), but when she needs them they mold on to her hands like knuckle guards and allow her to channel her inner power. Most people can only use one ] Symbiote, but Natsuki is powerful enough to use two. This level of power combined with Natsuki's cat like jitteriness means she ends up lightning bolting anything and everything (Sakura and Batanen multiple times). Natsuki is also a notoriuosly bad shot with a firearm. She accidentally shoots Batanen in the first episode.



Voice Actor = Shibahara Chiyako

Age = 190 (looks about 19)

Height = 175 cm (5'7")

Weight = ? (She won't tell, either)

Sizes = 100 - 60 - 95 (39 -24- 37) ((How does she stand? Guess what, late night Anime.))

Birthplace = Amagasaki

Current Residence = Natsuki's house (later she moves out ((must not spoil))

Ability/skill = firearms

A Kitsune (foxspirit) who wants to have 9 tails. Curently she has 8 and one fifth ( don't ask me why it's a fifth). She needs to eat a powerful being in order to get the rest of her tail. Unfortunately, it may be Natsuki. Sakura is obsessed with getting her ninth tail so she can be "complete" and to show up the rest of the spirits who made fun of her when she was younger. She can fly at incredible speed, but a slow speed saves her strength. Completion of her last tail would allow her to change shapes. She is a true "Osakan woman" stereotype, which means she is obsessed with money. Sakura doesn't care what she has to endure in order to save money or survive. This includes living in a box and eating out of Garbage cans before she got her job with the Hyperpolice. She tends to not fret over the small stuff. She does have a slight temper and a vain streak, this is most evident when anyone questions her powers (As a Kitsune)or when she is verbally sparring with the MAD (human) police, who refer to her as just another animal.


Batanen Fujioka

Voice Actor = Ohtsuka Akio

Age = 34 (I've seen as high as 38, gotta recheck my source)

Height = 210 cm (6'9")((Appears 180 cm. when stooped))

Birthplace = ?

Current Residence = Apartment in Hyakunicho, Shinjuku ward

Ability/skill = hand to hand combat, firearms, impervious to death (so far)

A werewolf cop. He is the oldest and most adept beatcop at Hyperpolice. He likes Natsuki, as well as anything in a skirt. He is a girl chasing lech, except around Natsuki, whom he genuinely loves. When "aroused" (generally a pantyshot or thought bubble about Natsuki) he changes more into a wolf and his hair grows thicker (He carries a shaver just to combat this). He heals incredibly fast, which is good since he gets into a lot of trouble. He tries to act like Natsuki's father and can't tell her how she truely feels (Which is obvious to everyone, but Natsuki).



Voice Actor = Ryuuzou Ishino

Age = 17

Height = 175 cm (5'7") stooped to 160 cm.

Birthplace = ?

Current Residence = Apartment (Ebisu, Shinjuku ward?) Also crashs at Batanen's

Ability/skill = collecting Info

A co-worker at the station. He's got a lot of information. He also looks up to Batanen. Later in the series, he has an odd romance between two of the female police officers from the MAD agency. It's an odd love Triangle. Tommy also like cars, and always has one around.


Background Characters


Ayami works at the small cafe next to the police station. She is one of Natsumi's closest friends. She is always ready with friendly advice and a glass of warm milk (Natsuki's favorite).

Kondoh Naoko

She is an officer at the police station. Her parents were killed by monster, so she hates all beasts. She is put as Natsuki's partner. She hates Natsuki until Natsuki saves her and Naoko changes her ways. She is a gun freak who also is into body building.

Gray Samansa

Samansa is an oni girl who works in the dispatch room and as a general secretary. She has a fortune telling gift, a diary in which she writes down every bit of gossip she hears, and a big mouth. She loves giving information, some of it is actually true. This leads to a lot of trouble. She ends up creating her own company and making a killing in the stock market with her predictions, which saves the Hyper police station.

Even more others


Bob is one of Natsuki's cats. He is the oldest and largest cat she owns. He is also fairly intelligent (I'd argue that he's smarter/wiser than Natsuki). He has a Sailor Moon-esqe half moon on his forhead. Being over 21 years old, Natsuki uses Bob as her legal guardian to cut through red tape. He ends up taking care of the house while Natsuki is away.


Peruu works for the MAD police and is human. She is a psycic. She always has three orbs hovering around her (possibly power enhancers). She uses an ice/freeze attack to stop criminals. She always bundles up under several layers of clothes (As opposed to the tight costumes the rest of the women run around in). Tommy falls in love with her and she only relents to his constant "hounding" when one of her co-workers starts trying to date him.



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